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Simple Retargeting & Remarketing That Gets Results

94% of visitors do not buy on their first to your website, retargeting those visitors and remarketing to them with the right ads and messages increase returning visitors and sales.


What Does Remarketing Do For Your Business?

  • Retargeting builds your reputation in your prospects mind.
  • Retargeting builds familiarity with your company and brand.
  • Retargeting provides social proof to your prospects.
  • Retargeting reminds your prospects about your products and services.
  • Retargeting can be used to introduce new products and services to your website visitors.
  • Retargeting allows you to show reviews which strengthens your company and brand in the minds of your customers and prospects.


What Makes Simple Retargeting Stand Out?

We assist with configuring the necessary website programming and pixel installation.

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Our team will help you to get the technology setup so that we can launch your retargeting campign.  We work with your website team to set up the tracking tools and technogy.  

We create your dozens of ads for you.

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You could easily spend more than the cost of the entire program just on ad creation.  We use tried and tested advertising principles to create effective ads that get your prospects to take action.  In addition, we use technology that simplifies and streamlines the process of making the many ad sizes necessary for your retargeting campaign.

We specify where your ads are displayed so that your marketing dollars are not wasted.

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We display your ads where your prospects will see them.  We use the top websites across the internet where they will be seen and where customers will engage.

We rotate and change your ads and ad types which generated interest and reduces ad blindness.

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If you showed one ad over and over again and again, your prospects will develop ad blindness. They won’t pay attention to your ad.  We create multiple ads and rotate the ads.  We also use different styles of ads.  The result is that we generate interest, curiosity, engagement and trust with your prospects.

We have a wide reach of web publishers that improve the chances of your ads getting in front of your hot prospects.

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Simple Retargeting uses the top platforms which in turn equates to thousands of websites throughout the world.  Your ads will most definately be found and be seen.

We track your results.

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Every business owner wants to know if their advertising dollars are being spent effectively and whether their investment is paying off.  Our team will assist you to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.  In addition we can help you with additional services that are designed to make your campaigns more robust and efficient.


What People Are Saying

Bottom line, we have seen an increase in calls to our business. More prospects in our pipeline and more clients through the door.

We have looked into different retargeting programs and after our cost analysis we concluded couldn’t do everything that Simple Retargeting does for less money. 

Our products are not inexpensive.  We needed to differentiate our company from our competitors. Retargeting is helping us win more business.

We decided to test retargeting and we’re finding that the cost per client acquisition has the best return on investment of all our marketing campaigns.

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